Hypp på ny jobb?

Trenger du nye utfordringer i hverdagen? Hypp på ny jobb? Blir manager spillene på pc-en litt for teoretisk i lengden? Kanskje er du mannen Woking Football Club leter etter. Søknadsfristen for managerjobben hos The Cards er 30. april. Vi sakser fra www.wokingfc.co.uk:


First Team Manager

Woking Football Club has a proud history of over 100 years, not only in football but also at the heart of the community.Our renewed ambition is to win promotion to The Football League in the near-term, and we now invite applications for a 1st team manager who can deliver this.

You should begin your application with a paragraph on how you would achieve promotion for the club, based on your past experience.

In addition, we will be looking for evidence of strong motivational skills; of your approach to discipline (on and off the pitch) and your experience of working within a highly successful Academy/Youth structure. Please provide specific examples of each of these, with references to support your application.

Note that we will also interview any preferred coaching assistant, at second interview stage.

Interested parties must apply in writing only, with envelope marked Private and Confidential to;-

David Taylor
Woking Football Club
Surrey GU22 9AA

Closing date for applications is Wednesday 30th April 2008




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