Nyheter fra Kingfield

woking pyroNå heter hjemmebanen for så vidt ikke Kingfield, ikke offisielt i hvert fall.

Sponsornavnet husker jeg ikke i farta så overskriften får bli stående

Nye paier på Kingfield
From now on the club will be trialling PJ’s Pie Shop from the outlet under the Leslie Gosden Stand. The initial offer will be top quality Beef and Ale Pie or Chicken and Mushroom Pie with mash and gravy for £6.
Hap Pie days!

Glem epost, send postkort
In the last few weeks limited amounts of signed player postcards have been available to purchase on matchdays. This week is no different, with club captain Josh Casey available on Saturday.

Woking FC i homoparade
Woking Football Club is delighted to be supporting ‘Pride in Surrey’ on August 10th, the county’s first ever gayparade. Many are expected to take part and the main event is in Woking Park, in what promises to be a colourful and exuberant celebration of community, inclusion and diversity.

Hvis du trodde NFF og Geir Ellefsen var negative til pyroteknikk…
The Aldershot home game will entail a higher than usual level of security and stewarding. The club have engaged sniffer dogs to seek out any flares and pyrotechnics which anyone attempts to bring into the ground. Dogs with handlers will be on all entry gates and anyone caught trying to bring in pyrotechnics will be dealt with by the Police.

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  1. Michael sier:

    The name of the stadium is now The Laithwhaite Community Stadium. Laithwaite are a local financial services company.

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